The Active Living Work Group

Ensuring that people use the natural and built environment for physical activity, play and active transportation

The Active Living Work Group

From trails to parks to bluffs and beyond, Northeast Iowa has an exceptional environment which supports active living. The Active Living Work Group aims to increase use of Northeast Iowa's natural and built environment by encouraging people of all ages and abilities to be active outdoors.

The Active Living Work Group is made up of key individuals from multiple sectors working together to make the group's strategy a reality:  Iowa Department of Natural Resources, city engineering, physical therapy, community and transportation planning and Safe Routes to School.



Policy and Practice Change Targets:
  • Policy, system, practice and infrastructure changes in support of walking and bicycling to and from schools in rural communities.
  • Resources allocated to programs that attract families to existing spaces and engage them in physical activity and play.
  • Promote organized active living throughout the day in schools.

Tactics and Activities:
  • Support a regional active living learning community.
  • Encourage and support school districts to develop an active School Wellness Team to align with FFI's vision, strategies and policy targets.
  • Foster relationships between schools and communities around opportunities to support School Wellness Teams and active transportation to and from school.
  • Regionally promote youth (ages birth to five) and family participation in physical activity and play every day.

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