WANTED: Gardeners to Help Reduce Food Insecurity Across Iowa

Posted: April 20, 2013
WANTED: Gardeners to Help Reduce Food Insecurity Across Iowa

New program promotes healthier communities through food gardening, produce donation

The Iowa Food Systems Council announced the launch of Cultivate Iowa, an initiative promoting the benefits of food gardening and produce donation to create a sustainable future and healthier communities in Iowa.
"This project aims to promote food security and improve the health of Iowans by increasing access to garden produce through integrated coordination, social marketing and outreach strategies," says Elizabeth Danforth Richey, one of the project coordinators.
Through extensive research, Cultivate Iowa identified how food gardening could positively impact individuals, families, organizations and communities. By talking with food pantry staff and volunteers, low-resource Iowans and current food gardeners, Cultivate Iowa designed a program to help all Iowa communities.
"By increasing the number of food gardeners in our communi ties, we can begin to increase food security throughout our cities and the entire state of Iowa," says project coordinator Angie Tagtow. "Food pantries appreciate having fresh produce in stock. Families love seeing it at pantries and it's usually the first thing off the shelves, so it never goes to waste. The key to remember is that all fresh produce is happily received and every little bit helps." Visit to learn more about food gardening and easy ways to start a garden.
Gardeners may also join the program by pledging to donate fresh produce in their community. Once you have made the promise to donate, you enter your ZIP code to find organizations that accept fresh produce. At the end of the growing season, gardeners can report back how much they donated through a post-harvest survey. Gardeners can promise to donate produce at
"All you really need to get started is a container, some potting soil and either seeds or plants." says Tagtow.
For more information about Cultivate Iowa, please visit

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